ICAN V, the fifth international conference on the ancient novel and narrative is to be held in Houston, Texas, 30 September-4 October 2015, 39 years after the first ICAN in Bangor, Wales.

The world of the ancient novel of 2015 is much larger and much more encompassing and diversified than it was in 1976. The organizers, however, are trying “to keep the atmosphere of the conference intimate and personal – many of the participants will have attended Lisbon 2008, some Groningen 2000, fewer Dartmouth 1989, and with luck members of the class of 1976 from Bangor.”

The Organizing Committee also expresses its hope that the conference structure is “unobtrusive to well-being, and conducive to exchanges of ideas and values, and that the setting also affords moments of relaxation with old friends from past ICANs and new ones from 2015. We treasure the ancient world, but we recognize that if we do not develop intellectually, the results will not be pleasant. We count on the young to show new ways, and on the old to offer direction to youthful enthusiasm.

“This is the second ICAN in North America: the setting of the first was rural New England, the second will be brash USA. The Menil Collection in Houston wished to offer to all a view of the mosaics from Antioch of Parthenope and Metiochus – but were gracious enough to return them to Turkey when informed that they were illegally obtained.”

Conference Info

When: Registration to attend began December 1, 2014. The conference is scheduled to take place from 9/30/2015 (Wednesday) to 10/4/2015 (Sunday).

Where: Houston is an important airline hub that it is reached easily from all US cities and has numerous daily scheduled flights to international destinations, e.g. London–Houston, Paris–Houston, Frankfurt–Houston, Munich–Houston, Amsterdam–Houston, Rome–Houston, Athens–Houston, Toronto–Houston, Brussels–Houston, Madrid–Houston, Lisbon–Houston, Rio–Houston, Buenos Aires–Houston.

Language: The default language of the conference is English, but German, French, Italian, Spanish are accepted. However, the person reading a paper in one of those languages should photocopy the paper and distribute it to members of the audience so that all might benefit.

Abstract Submission: The ICAN V International Advisory Committee (IAC) will act as the Program Committee to referee abstracts sent to the organizer, Ed Cueva, [email protected]. The abstracts should be anonymous and will be read by two referees at least. Deadline for abstracts is 1 March 2015, and decisions about acceptance will be made soon thereafter. Please use the abstract submission page to submit your abstract.

Deadline Extension for Abstracts

The International Advisory Committee looks forward to receiving proposals. The Advisory Committee will entertain requests from scholars who cannot make the deadline to reserve a spot temporarily for them. Send your request to Ed Cueva ([email protected]).