The Netherlands Institute at Athens and the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival organize this intensive summer school in collaboration with staff from the University of Leiden and other Dutch and Greek universities. The course will run from July 4th until July 23rd 2015.

About the course

Nowadays, visual anthropology has become an almost indispensable tool for anyone engaging in ethnographic research, visual analysis, studies of material culture, or critical engagements with cinema, photography and other forms of cultural display. By discussing the available methodological tools and critically reflecting on their application within urban contexts, the NIA is focusing on the visual ethnography of cityscapes. Students will learn how to use audio-visual ethnographic methods in one of the most interesting urban landscapes of Europe and will produce a short ethnographic film to be presented in a special section in the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival.

It is apparent that today the visual, in all its manifestations, possesses a special place in the “world” of anthropology and social sciences. Besides the internal changes in the academia and the technological developments that have reshaped the relations of anthropology/ethnography with the use of audio-visual means, the field of visual anthropology has by now expanded both in terms of scope and institutional role.

These recent changes have not been thoroughly explored in the cityscapes of Greece. Although the social, political and economic transformations of the last years are being examined by social and political scientists, there is a need to add to our toolbox visual ethnography and visual anthropology in a more systematic way.

In the NIA summer school the focus lies on the theoretical position of the visual within social/political theory and on the practical use of audio-visual means in the ethnographic process. In examining the use of visual methods, the courses will concentrate on both historical and contemporary examples of ethnographic film and photography.

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Participation – application

Students can apply by sending an application form (which can also be downloaded from the website of the institute, and a motivation letter on “visual ethnography of cityscapes” to Dr Tryfon Bampilis at [email protected] unti 8th May 2015 and successful applicants will be notified by May 15th. The number of participating students is limited (max. 30 students), so the institute encourages early registration. Selecting criteria will apply.