The Radboud University Nijmegen (RU) and the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA) under the auspices of OIKOS organize a postgraduate Summer School, a methodological intensive course in numismatics. This nine-day course is primarily concerned with Greek numismatics by addressing questions of method, history, archaeology, and economy. Students will be introduced to the main coin productions of the Greek world from the birth of coinage to the Roman conquest (including the Roman Provincial coinages considered, in many respects, as Greek coinages as well). Special focus is given to questions of Methodology, Quantification and Long-term economic approach.

PhD students and (research) master students (RMA) will be admitted to the course based on their academic background and motivation. A total of 10 students can participate, with six spots being allocated to students from Dutch Universities and 4 to students of various other academic institutes. Participants are requested to follow 84 hours of classes and visits to numismatic collections and are also expected to hand in a written assignment of up to 5000 words about a subject that will be decided upon together with the teaching staff.

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