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Research - Education: Call for Application
Marble group of Aphrodite with Pan and Eros. About 100 BC. From Delos, House of the Poseidoniasts of Beirut. Exhibition Room: National Archaeological Museum. 3335, Room 30.
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by Archaeology Newsroom

Greek Studies on Site

Study Abroad Program in Athens, Greece - Summer 2016

Greek Studies on Site offers 2-week intensive courses of study for students with a special interest in Greek literature, as well as 1-week classes for those interested in exploring Greek culture. Courses are taught by Ph.D.s and M.A.s in Classics and Philosophy, and take place either within Greek archaeological sites or at the Norwegian Institute at Athens.

Greek Studies On Site is now accepting applications for a series of seminars to take place in Athens in the summer of 2016.

A Cretan City

May 30-June 12, 2016

Aristotle: Ethics and Politics

July 4-17, 2016

Theater in Classical Athens

July 18-31, 2016

Love in Greek Antiquity

July 18-31, 2016

Classes meet daily for 6 hours of instruction: 3 hours of field study in the morning, followed by 3 hours of in-class discussion.

Further information may be found here:!summerprogram/ctzx