Greek Studies on Site offers intensive seminars on Greek literature, philosophy and culture, taking place in Athens, Greece.

All instructors hold Ph.D.s in Classics or Philosophy. All programs visit major archaeological sites.

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The Good Life
Athens and Poros Island, June 7-21, 2019

Instructor: Stacie Thyrion, Ph.D.

What kind of thing is it to be a good person? What sort of obligations do we have to other people? What is it that makes a life good or worth living?
In this seminar we will consider how these and similar questions have been answered by philosophers throughout history, from the ancient Greeks to present-day moral philosophers.

Ancient Greek Mythology
Athens, July 1-21, 2019

Instructor: Ben Jasnow, Ph.D.

This class surveys the central stories, gods and heroes of Greek myth. We will study a variety of ancient literary and mythographical stories and interpret them in their cultural context. Many of the readings relate directly to the sites that we will visit.

Ancient Greek Philosophy in Context
Athens, July 1-21, 2019

Instructor: Georgia Sermamoglou, Ph.D.

This course introduces students to the foundational texts of Western philosophy and to the socio-political contexts in which they were written. Through visits to archaeological sites and museums, students will have the rare opportunity to take a contextual approach to the study of philosophy.

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