The I Symposium of Historiography of Archaeology of UCM, organised by the Department of Archaeology and Historiographical Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, represents a forum of discussion for established and young researchers. The purpose of this meeting is to share points of view, trends, ideas, experiences and problems around a wide range of topics, always related to Spanish antiquarianism and archaeology in this frame time.

Under the title “Collections, archaeologists, institutions and archaeological sites in Spain between 18th and 20th centuries AD”, this event will be held at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. It is aimed to researchers who are developing their PhD, postgraduate and postdoctoral studies. The proposals should be related to one of the next topics:

– Social, cultural or national identity through the compilation of collections of antiquities, regardless their geography or historic period.

– Evolution of the Archaeology and its consolidation in institutions, organizations and its legal framework.

– Historical excavations of the archaeological sites of the Iberian Peninsula.

– Methodology and concepts through the archaeological knowledge in Spain.

– Relevant figures of this science related with its development as a discipline.

– The concept of the archaeologist and its long-lasting progress as a profession.

Within this range of topics, it is expected to create a dialogue between researchers from different fields to draft the panorama of the Spanish historiography nowadays. It would be very interesting and fruitful to receive feedback from international colleagues who work on archaeology.

The symposium will take place in Madrid, at the Salon de Actos of the Faculty of Geography and History of UCM, on March 2016, 15th-17th. Submissions should be of 30 minutes of oral presentation in Spanish, English, or Italian. Abstracts might be sent no later than 15th November 2015 including:

1. Name and Surname.

2. Institution.

3. Title of paper

4. Contact details

5. Abstract and Resume (250 word each one).

The organizing committee will select successful papers and selected authors will be contacted.

Participation in the symposium is free of charge and open to the public. All attendants will be very welcome to take part. Further details are also available on the webpage of the event. For additional information, please contact the organisers: Jorge García Sánchez: [email protected], Sergio España Chamorro: [email protected]