The Netherlands Institute at Athens, the University of Thessaly and the Belgian School at Athens are organizing the two-day conference “Oikos-Taphos-Temenos, Iconography in Greek context”, 26-27 February 2016.

In the last years, the way an image was actually used has become more central to our understanding. The focus of this conference will be the iconography of Athenian vases found in Greek contexts. Iconography specialists and excavators alike will present fresh ideas and new material and discuss the interpretation in the light of the actual use of the image. By this confrontation of methodological and theoretical insights with actual finds, the conference aims to further the interpretation of the rich world of Greek imagery.

The conference will take place at the NIA/EBSA premises, Makri 11, Athens. The institute can be easily reached by metro, red line (Elliniko-Anthoupoli), Akropoli station.

Please register with [email protected]. Attendance is free, but our lecture hall only holds 50 people.

You can find the conference program here.