Greek Studies on Site is a center for the study of Classical literature and culture. It offers a series of seminars in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute at Athens. Its programs are open to students of Classics, Philosophy, History, and related disciplines, as well as adult learners with an interest in Ancient Greek culture.

Greek Studies on Site offers 3-week intensive summer courses for students with a special interest in Greek literature, as well as winter seminars for those  interested in exploring Greek culture. Courses are taught by Ph.D.s and M.A.s in Classics and Philosophy, and take place either within Greek archaeological sites or at the Norwegian Institute at Athens.

Summer programs meet for 3 hours of instruction, 6 days a week. The winter program meets for 6 hours of instruction daily. Field study includes visits to all the major archaeological sites and museums, as well as daytrips to nearby Sounion, Brauron, Delphi, or the island of Aegina. There are also optional activities, such as traditional dance classes and local hikes.

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