Why are temporary exhibitions organized in our museums and abroad? How do our antiquities travel? What terms are used by museums at an international level for loaning or acquiring works for temporary exhibitions? How does the Ministry of Culture and Sports participate in international exhibitions and which important temporary and travelling exhibitions has it realized over recent years? What are the new trends in temporary exhibitions?

These are some of the questions tackled by the photography exhibition entitled “On the move: An exhibition on temporary exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports” organized by the Directorate of Museums of the MOCS from October 12, 2017 to November 12 2017 in the building of the Association of Greek Archaeologists (134-136 Ermou Str).

The exhibition features interesting events. Specifically, the Department of Exhibitions and Museological Research of the Museum Directorate of the MOCS has scheduled a two day conference on October 18-19 2017,entitled “Temporary Archaeological exhibitions: their role, good practices and their unseen aspects”, taking place at the Acropolis Museum. As part of the exhibition, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens conducted a public opinion poll in central parts of Athens and Nicosia regarding temporary exhibitions, the results of which will be presented at the two day conference.

On November 10, 2017, a one day conference will take place at the building of the Directorate of the Management of the National Archives of Monuments, Documentation and Protection of Cultural Goods on “The unseen aspects of temporary exhibitions : the protection of works during transport”. The event is organized by the Department of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of the MOCS.

Lastly, a pilot educational activity will take place in the exhibition’s context called “On the Road: Greek culture travels the world”, designed and realized  by the Department of Educational Programmes and Communication of the Museums Directorate of the MOCS, addressed to students of  the Lyceum and  an adult audience.

All these outgoing activities, coordinated by the Department of Exhibitions and Museological Research of the Museums Directorate of the MOCS, aim to boost dialogue related to the movement of cultural goods, people and ideas in the context of temporary exhibitions, which are an important means of further education and entertainment, contributing to the social and economic upgrading of our country, while at the same time being an important tool for exercising a cultural policy and diplomacy.


Building of the Association of Greek Archaeologists, 134-136 Ermou Str., Thiseion

Exhibition duration: October 12-November 12, 2017, open 11.00-17.00

Free entrance