The Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University hosts an international conference on the archaeology of the Roman period in Portugal and its place in the Roman West.

The conference brings together archaeologists and ancient historians from different academic backgrounds who are working in the Iberian peninsula and the wider Western Mediterranean. It aims to present new data and insights from various fields and approaches, and to discuss their significance for our understanding of Roman expansion and colonialism.

Five sessions revolve around new insights from landscape archaeological projects, developments in the economy, the process of military expansion, processes of centralisation and urbanisation, and the ritual and religious sphere. A key goal of the conference is to discuss how the Portuguese panorama compares to other areas in the Iberian peninsula, and to foreground its contribution to current debates about Roman expansion and incorporation in the Central and Western Mediterranean.

With a view to assess the potential of integrating best practices in archaeological approaches and methodology, different national and disciplinary research traditions and historical frameworks will be explicitly discussed. As such, the conference aims to explore ways to collaborate more closely between various Mediterranean areas and research projects, and to develop a shared research agenda.

Confirmed speakers: Amílcar Guerra, André Carneiro, Carlos Fabião, Cristina Corsi, Devi Taelman, Emma Ljung, Ignasi Grau Mira, Jesús García Sánchez, João Fonte, Joey Williams, Jordi Principal Ponce, Luis Sevillano, Manuel Fernández-Götz, Marco Garcia Quintela, Maria del Carmen Moreno Escobar, Martina C. Parini, Miguel Ángel Valero Tévar, Mónica Rolo, Pieter Houten, Tesse D. Stek, Thomas G. Schattner, Victorino Mayoral Herrera, Vincenzo Soria

Anyone interested in attending the conference should register by email ( before June 10, indicating which day(s) or session(s) he/she would like to attend.