The XVII International ARYS Colloquium “Dressing divinely: clothed or naked deities and devotees” will take place at Jarandilla de la Vera, on 13-14 December 2018.

The development of a theoretical framework for the understanding of the links between religious identity and clothing depends both on a careful terminological selection and on a broad and holistic definition of the social aspects of wear. Through the use of trappings as an effective means of communication in social interaction, it is possible to activate identities based on and assigned by social structures, especially those built on kinship, economic, religious and political activities. At the same time, clothing represents for the individual an inexhaustible source of expressive creativity that can even break the “iconographic vocabulary” of a particular social group. Moreover, the specific types and properties of clothing that convey identity may change over time in response to economic, demographic, aesthetic and technological changes. A comprehensive definition of clothing includes both body modifications and complements, the properties of which have to be analyzed together with the sensory stimuli they may evoke.

The XVII International Colloquium of the Association ARYS (Antiquity, Religions and Societies) is dedicated to the study of all these aspects within the framework of ancient societies and religions, from the perspective of the images either of the gods or of their devotees. Within the topic of religious clothing will be included the religious use of clothes and attributes, accessories, ornaments, body modifications such as mutilations or tattoos, hairstyles, nudity and, of course, the action itself of dressing or undressing, its conception and positive, neutral or negative consideration, or the act of assuming any of those human or divine complements, adornments, attributes or modifications of the body.

From the beginning, the ARYS Association’s colloquia were conceived as a highly specialized forum where both consolidated scholars and young pre- or post-doctoral researchers could meet and interact, and where, accordingly, they could establish a fruitful, high-quality and gentle dialogue. Thus, besides the ARYS Association’s members, we welcome the participation of consolidated as well as early-career specialists in the field of ancient history, archaeology, religious sciences, art history and historiography of religions.


– Submission of proposals (including title, abstract and short CV). Deadline: 15 September.

– Communication of the accepted papers. Deadline: 30 September.

– Payment of the registration fee. Deadline: 15 October.

– Submission of papers for publication. Deadline: 31 January.


The proposals and further enquiries should be sent to the following address: [email protected]


* € 80: including full-board accommodation for 2 nights + certificates of attendance / communication + digital excerpt of the publication (subject to peer evaluation).

* € 100: including full-board accommodation for 2 nights + certificates of attendance / communication + n° 1 copy of ARYS Journal (n° 17, 2019) with the acts of the congress + digital excerpt of the publication (subject to peer evaluation).


– Association ARYS (Antiquity, Religions and Societies),

– Julio Caro Baroja Institute of Historiography (UC3M)


– Jaime Alvar Ezquerra (UC3M)

– Juan Ramón Carbó García (UCAM)

– Valentino Gasparini (UC3M)


– Beatriz Pañeda Murcia (UC3M) [email protected]