Archaeologists in Chichester Priory Park, UK, have discovered the remains of a luxurious Roman hot tub. This finding follows the discovery of three Roman buildings last year, so researchers were not surprised when they found a bath house.

The tub is made from mortar, tiles and bricks, and its size shows its owners were people of high status, since maintaining it would have been costly and difficult.

Archaeologists believe the tub was filled with really hot water so that it could be used in the winter months as well, which of course indicates that huge amounts of charcoal for the furnace must have been necessary as well as servants who would tend it and keep it working.

Excavations were carried out by volunteers from Chichester and District Archaeology Society and were led by Chichester District Council’s archaeologist James Kenny.

The Chichester District Council considers the bath house to be of national importance because of the exceptionally good condition the buildings under the park were found at.