A total of 132 archaeological sites and museums will participate in the “Full moon 2018” celebration, remaining open for the public on the night of Sunday, August 26, sites and museums will remain open for the public, while events taking place in 95 of them.

Like every year, the matter was discussed at the Central Archaeological Council, whose members unanimously gave the “go ahead” to the events which include music, dance, theatre and visual arts as well as film screenings, poetry evenings, guided tours and much more.

The events of this popular celebration culminating on the night of the Full Moon begin in some places on Friday, August 24, while in others they will continue till Monday, August 27, 2018.

It should be noted that the Full Moon in August 2017 attracted over 75,000 visitors who filled archaeological sites, monuments and museums all over the county.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has been successfully organizing the events of the August Full moon since 2002, opening the archaeological sites and monuments to the public on a summer’s night under the light of the August moon. The August Full moon 2018 has been included in the events of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

As always, admission to all sites is free.

Catalogue of the events: PINAKASPANSELINOU2018-2