The 12th Celtic Conference in Classics will taker place in Coimbra (Portugal), on 26-29 June 2019.

Suggestions are invited, from potential convenors, for themes to form panels at the 12th edition of the Celtic Conference in Classics. The Conference is expected to consist of upward of 15 specialist panels, which may be on any theme concerning Greek or Roman Antiquity.

Panels run in parallel and are open to every member of the overall Conference. Convenors propose and recruit their own panels, in liaison with the overall organizers of the Conference. Panels usually consist of some 15-18 speakers. Some may be smaller, with a minimum of about 10 speakers, but to exceed 18 involves shortening the time of some papers.

The official languages of the CCC are English and French. For 2019, papers in Portuguese and Spanish are also welcomed, provided that the speakers make available a substantial summary of their text in French or English.

For general guidance on the nature of the CCC, details of the previous two Conferences may be found at:

(for 2017, Montreal)

(for 2018, St. Andrews):

A website specific to the 2019 conference will be available later.

For more information, contact Delfim Leão ([email protected]).