The following announcement has been issued by the University of Patras regarding the International Conference on “Mythical History and Historical Myth: Blurred Boundaries in Antiquity”:

Since we are less than a month away from the abstract submission deadline for the International Conference on “Mythical History and Historical Myth: Blurred Boundaries in Antiquity” (28/6-1/7/2019, Patras University,, we thought we’d better let everyone know of the topics that have been so far accepted for presentation:

-Marginal Remarks on the Concept of “Time of Origins” in Classical Greek Culture

-PTSD in Herodotus: The Mythical Diagnosis of Epizelus

-Myth, History, and the Indomitable In-Between: How Mythology has shaped Thessalian History and Archaeology

-Narrative in Bacchylides 17

-The Myth of Troy turned into History: Thucydides’ Archaeology

-The Macedonian Foundation Myth and the Creation of Identities: A Post-Colonial Critique

-Mythical History and Historical Myths on the Acropolis of Athens: The Case of the Erechtheion

-Pelops and the Peloponnese – A Longstanding Rationalization and its Critique

-Domestic and Political Order in the “Foundation Myths” of Partheneia

-(Plot)holes in the Wall and Hollow Horses

-The Herodotean Myth on the Origin of the Scythians

-Extracting Data: History and Myth in Thucydides’ Homer

-Intertwining the Mythical Past with the Historical Present in Rhianus’ Epic Fragments

-The Interplay of Historical and Mythical Narrative Inside and Outside Roman Epic

-Cyclical Time and History in Seneca’s Naturales Quaestiones

As advertised in our Call for Papers, we are still open for business and willing to consider further abstracts until 1st December 2018.

The above list is meant as a compass for anyone interested in submitting an abstract.

Needless to say, this list is not meant to dishearten anyone who might be thinking along the same lines; to the contrary, germane issues could lead to heated discussion and constructive dialogue.