The registration for Anthropology of War in the Roman Period Workshop sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies is now open (closing on 30th January). The workshop aims to address the theme of human behaviour influenced by, reconfigured through and in response to war in the Roman period through the study of archaeological, epigraphic, and historical evidence.


Registration and Coffee 


Introduction Anna Walas (Leicester and Nottingham) and Joanne Ball (Liverpool) Why violence? 


Keynote Siniša Malešević (UCD) Anthropological Aspects of Conflict in Roman and Chinese Imperial Expansion


Session 1:  The Violence of Everyday Life

Andrew Gardner (UCL) Conflict and the Frontier Zones of Roman Britain

Rebecca Redfern (Museum of London) Bioarchaeological Perspective on Violence in Roman Britain

Rob Collins (Newcastle) Culturally-Embedded Violence? The Long-Term Impacts of a Militarised Frontier




Session 2: Anthropology of Battlefield Behaviour 

Joanne Ball (Liverpool) Combat Trauma & Battlefield Suicide

Arjen van Lil (Utrecht)  Ritual, Narrative & Trauma: The Psychological Implications of Ritual Surrounding the Roman Republican Battlefield

Hannah Marie Chidwick (Bristol) Formative Relationship Between the Body and the Environment in Battle as Depicted in Latin Literary Representations of Warfare


Discussion and lunch

2:00 – 2:50

Session 3: Cultural Politics of War

Zakaria Riad Hijra (Birmingham) Studying Ancient Rome in Judea to Understand Contemporary Britain in India

Jacob Mackey (Occidental College, Los Angeles) Prosocial Norms, the Quest for Prestige, and Martial Success in Early Rome




Session 4 :Remembering Violence:: Death, Conflict Ritualisation and Reconciliation

Andrew Lawrence (Bern) Coping with Conflict – Ritual Action at the Core and on the Periphery of the Empire

Jean-Christophe Sarrazin-Robert Dejeans (Bordeaux) Human Remains and Anthropomorphic Representations in Wells: Funerary or Social Practices Linked to War?

Conor Whatley (Winnipeg) Mourning Lost Soldiers at the End of Antiquity


Workshop Round Table – future directions


The cost of the event, including morning and afternoon refreshments, and a buffet lunch, is £12 at reduced rare (Speakers / Roman Society members / Students / Unwaged)/Ex-forces) or £16 for a full price ticket. To book your place please request the booking form from [email protected] and either return it to the Roman Society, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU or email it to reserve a place ([email protected]) by the end of January.


We are also pleased to announce that three bursaries (£80 each) funded by the Barbican Research Associates for current HE students in the UK and bursaries for military personnel and veterans (£80 each) are available. The deadline for application for bursaries is 30th January. Please send a 300-500 word outline of what benefit this event would be to you, your affiliation and how the bursary would be spent to Dr Anna Walas and Dr Jo Ball ([email protected]  [email protected]).