An intensive Course of Hieratic at the University of Pisa: “Reading Middle Egyptian Hieratic”, Summer School 2019 (22nd July to 27th July 2019).

The Department of Civiltà e Forme del Sapere at the University
of Pisa is pleased to announce the programme for the international
Summer School 2019, “Reading Middle Egyptian Hieratic”.

The aim of the course is to enable its participants to read and
interpretate literary and documentary texts of Ancient Egypt
(Middle Egyptian, 2000-1500 BC) in their original script (hieratic
and hieroglyphs). The intensive course will focus on decoding
hieratic script (basic), intensive practice of reading hieratic
supervised by teachers; focus on grammar issues related to the
Middle Kingdom texts and on the archaeological context of texts
read during the lessons.

The course is open to EU and non-EU applicants (students and

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Middle
Egyptian (language and script). No previous knowledge of hieratic
is required.

The course will be delivered by scholars and experts of University
of Pisa and other international institutions.

Deadline for submission of applications is 30th April 2019.

Please visit the website at <>

Any enquires may be directed to Prof. Gianluca Miniaci at <[email protected]>