Organised jointly by the Accordia Research Institute, the Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion (Open University) and the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London).

The subject of ancient pilgrimage is attracting increasing interest and this workshop aims to contribute to the on-going discussion. It will concentrate on archaeological evidence for pilgrimage and on the prehistoric and classical periods. Contributions ranging from detailed investigations of individual sites to broader discussion of the nature of pilgrimage (and anything inbetween) are welcomed. Possible themes include:

-Identifying pilgrimage in the archaeological record

-The scale of pilgrimage: from local to landscape

-Sensory characteristics of pilgrimage sites

-Relationship(s) between pilgrimage and everyday life

Papers will last for 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes discussion. Because it is a one-day workshop, only a limited number of papers will be accepted for presentation, but posters will also be welcomed. It is hoped that, if the workshop is felt to be successful, a larger conference will be held the following year.

Please submit abstracts to either Eleanor Betts ([email protected]) or Ruth Whitehouse ([email protected]) by 30th November 2019.