The Arts Council Greece and the International Independent organise the 10th International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens 2019, conference, on 4 – 5 October, at Acropolis Museum (October 4th: 14.00-19.00 & October 5th: 12.00-16.00).
The 10th ICCEDA 2019 is a dedicated conference to Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Exchanges, Performing Arts, Cultural Heritage and Economy.

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics, public and private sectors, cultural and creative actors, researchers, organisation delegates from the Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy sector, who will discuss, amongst other topics, about aspects of cultural diplomacy in the EU, its basic principles, the challenges in the field of cultural management, effective practices, on cultural diversity and the role of local cultural actors, on cultural diplomacy and journalism and on cultural imperialism in the 21st century.

Indicative keynote speakers are: S. McCarthy (Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society), F. Zaimis (Western Greece Region), A. Rokofyllou (OPANDA), K. Zoulias (ERT), P. Neufelt (Arts Council Greece), P. Kapsaskis ( Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy), A. Fourcade (REMA), Bharat Gupt (National Center for Indira Gandhi Arts), D. Yolassis (Michael Cacoyannis Foundation), P. Kavouras (University of Athens), V. Laopodis (Culturepolis), G. Pleios (Univesrity of Athens), Venia Vergou (Hellenic Film Commission).

For more, please follow the link Conference Agenda.

Free admission only by online registration by 2nd October. If you register on the conference day, €50 participation fees are charged.

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