Artefacts and architectural remains of a necropolis have been discovered in Gela while installing a network of fiber optic cables to provide online services. From the finds so far available to the archaeologists, it seems the necropolis was established in the settlement’s first period, between the 7th and 6th century B.C.

As mentioned in an online article of the American Newsweek magazine, among the finds is a jug in which the bones of a newborn child were found and the skeleton of an animal. Dozens of ceramic objects were located, such as a beautiful cup in the Proto-Corinthian style dating between 700-651 BC. According to the archaeologists, this cup was part of a burial ceremony where animals were used which had been previously slaughtered or cooked. A month ago a sarcophagus containing a skeleton had been discovered in a another part of Gela. This also dated to the first half of the 7th century BC. The archaeologists now connect this find with the necropolis.