The Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, announces that the Pafos Castle will open to the public on Monday, December 23, 2019. The Pafos Medieval Castle had been closed to visitors for a period of about two and a half months, due to the upgrading of its electrical installation and the installation of specialized lighting, including the possibility of alternating the colour of the lighting on both its exterior and interior surfaces.

The project was implemented by the Department of Electromechanical Services in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities and is part of the ongoing efforts made by the Department of Antiquities to promote Cyprus’ cultural heritage. The promotion of the Pafos Castle, which constitutes a landmark of the city, a place of public gathering and a setting for the city’s diverse cultural events, remains a priority for the Department of Antiquities. The implementation of this project is expected to further contribute to the promotion of the city’s cultural wealth and in particular of the picturesque port of Kato Pafos.

The Pafos Castle is the first Castle to be illuminated as part of a wider program implemented by the Department of Antiquities and the Department of Electromechanical Services, which includes the upgrading of the electrical installations and the installation of specialized lighting on all four castles in Cyprus. It will be followed by the Castles of Larnaka, Lemesos and Kolossi, which are scheduled to be completed within 2020-2021.