We can browse the collections from Museums and the National Gallery online. We can play internet games with the Parthenon Frieze and all the monuments on the Acropolis with Glafka, the winged robot as our guide! We can take up brushes and paints and create extraordinary variations on the famous statues. We can become the architects of a new temple in Classical Athens. All these wonders take place through imaginative applications with which the Ministry of Culture/MOCAS brings culture to our homes.

The services and supervised cultural institutions of the MOCAS offer web browsing apps and interactive digital educational programmes, inviting us to get a close look at our monuments, to learn and amuse ourselves by playing with statues.

Now we are “staying home”, technology allows us to admire famous monuments and works of our cultural heritage without needing to visit museums. We can see their unique exhibits at our leisure. We do not have to leave our home to walk through archaeological sites. If we have missed the National Gallery we can see its collections.

We stay home to tour the museums and their rich collections, play educational games with our children, teaching them our cultural heritage in an original and entertaining way.

Web browsing applications in Archaeological Museums

The following Museums provide web browsing applications for their collections and their exhibition spaces:

Archaeological Museums of the MOCAS

1. National Archaeological Museum:www.namuseum.gr 

2. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: www.amth.gr/ Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki /exhibitions: https://www.amth.gr/exhibitions

3. Lefkos Pyrgos/White Tower Thessaloniki: www.lpth.gr

4. Numismatic Museum: www.nummus.gr

5. Byzantine and Christian Museum: www.ebyzantinemuseum.gr

6. Museum of Byzantine Culture: www.mbp.gr

7. Heraklion Archaeological Museum: www.heraklionmuseum.gr / Heraklion Archaeological Museum / selected exhibits: https://heraklionmuseum.gr/?page_id=641

8. Museum of Asian Art: www.matk.gr

9. Archaeological Museum of Ioannina: www.amio.gr

10. Igoumenitsa Archaeological Museum: www.igoumenitsamuseum.gr

11. Tegea Archaeological Museum: www.tegeamuseum.gr