Although we still do not have the opportunity to visit our favorite sights, we can become “ambassadors” of our cultural heritage through PLUGGY. It is the first cultural networking platform in Europe, where we can write our impressions of the places we love, share our cultural experiences as well as little secrets about the culture of our country.

Making the most of the innovative tools provided by the platform, such as a storytelling application with 3D sound, an augmented reality application and more, we create unique stories about the past and present of our part of the world. “Hidden” monuments, museums, forgotten traditions and local customs, memories and stories emerge through a personal point of view, keeping European cultural tradition and heritage alive.

PLUGGY is the fruit of a three-year research project funded by the EU’s European Programme “Horizon 2020” and coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation, Clio Muse and six other partners from four European countries have also joined forces for the project.

We can narrate our personal story here.