As of today, Monday, June 15, 2020, the two major museums of Ioannina will reopen to the public, with the necessary adjustments and provisions; the Archaeological Museum in Litharitsia Park and the Byzantine Museum with the annexes of the Fethiye Mosque, the “Treasury”, the “Gunpowder storeroom / Pyritidapothiki)” and the “Dimitrios Konstantios” Multipurpose Hall, in the Castle, on the inner southeastern citadel of the Its Kale. Following a modern museological concept, various aspects of Epirus are highlighted in them as are the historical paths of the region’s cultures from 250,000 years ago to the 19th century.

As mentioned in an announcement by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina, rules will be enforced for the museums’ safe reopening,with the following being indicative:

– Visitors and tour guides must follow the instructions of the security personnel and observe in particular the prescribed social distancing: 2 meters inside and 1.5 meters outdoors, when waiting for admission, the issuing of tickets and touring the exhibition spaces.

– The use of a non-medical mask by visitors, guides and staff is mandatory.

– Where applicable, there will be strict monitoring of the number of people gathered simultaneously.

– 8 people is the maximum number allowed in an organized group of visitors.

– Visitors are encouraged to issue tickets with contactless debit and credit cards at the POS machines of the museums and the Shop at the entrance of the Its Kale citadel.

Rules and measures will be continuously re-evaluated and updated, according to any new data emerging, says the announcement.

There are currently four temporary exhibitions running at the two museums:

“Epirus, metropoleis, colonies. At the ends of the ancient world” in the “Dioni” Multipurpose Hall of the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.

“The time of the Revolution. Ioannina from Rigas to Byron” in the “Dimitrios Konstantios” Multipurpose Hall of the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina.

“Silvershined: Silverware of Ioannina” at the Archaeological and Byzantine Museum, and at the “Treasury” in the inner citadel of the Castle of Ioannina. This is a modular exhibition simultaneously displaying silver artefacts of worship, luxury and beautification by anonymous and known silversmiths from the 16th century until today, in nine museums of the city (the Archaeological, Byzantine, Folklore, “Kostas Frontzos”, Municipal, Silversmithing (of the Piraeus Group of Banks Cultural Foundation) , Museum of Ali Pasha and the Revolutionary period, the Nikolaou Historical Museum).

“Masks of Ancient Greek Drama” by Dimitra Zoi at the “Gunpowder Storeroom (Pyritidapothiki)” in the inner citadel of the Ioannina Castle.


Archaeological Museum of Ioannina: Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday 08.30-15.30. Closed on Tuesday. Information: 26510 01089.

Byzantine Museum of Ioannina (Ioannina Castle): Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday 08.30-15.30. Closed on Tuesday. Information: 26510 25989.