An impressive first amateur video has been made recording the underwater route of scuba divers as they visit the first underwater museum of Greece off Alonissos and the ancient shipwreck of Peristera. With this video (click here) as a point of reference, the Deutsche Welle international television network made a tribute in consultation with the municipality of Alonissos, capturing the experience through the eyes of a family of French scuba divers.

The specific family chose Greece and Alonissos in particular for just this purpose this year. “We have dived all over the world; in America, Asia and Europe. But here you live something unique, you experience the history of thousands of years!” said one of the participants on camera. As mentioned in the video, also participating in the group was the mayor of Alonissos, Petros Vafinis, who often likes to dive with tourists so as to listen to their impressions.

“I started diving lessons because of the shipwreck and finally the seabed won me over forever! The wreck of Peristera is a pole of attraction for every diving fan worldwide. As a resident of Alonissos, I considered it inconceivable to have a unique treasure of the world next to me and not to be able to visit it at any time. Every time I dive it feels like I am doing it for the first time, because I discover something new”, said Mr. Vafinis.

These last few days, Deutsche Welle’s successful, well-established Euromaxx programme transports its devotees to the fascinating world of the famous wreck of thousands of amphorae from the 5th century BC in Peristera, Alonissos. The programme, moreover, emphasizes that access to the mysterious world of the seabed is not only for friends of diving but is also addressed to all visitors to Alonissos, who can enjoy the unique spectacle, without so much as getting wet.