During 30 March-6 May 2021, online classes will be streamed (live) and during 15-27 June 2021 a practical workshop will take place at Athens in Greece for the ‘CONSERVATION AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL STUDY OF NISYROS SHIPWRECK POTTERY’. The course will be organized by the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University (NL), the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA), the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities at Athens, and the Greek Research Center/Laboratory ‘NCSR Demokritos’ at Athens.

This course provides a unique opportunity for BA, MA, RMA and PhD students to gain more knowledge and a hands-on experience in Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval underwater pottery conservation. It guides the participants through the history and technology of Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery in Greece, and through stages of the study, conservation, restoration and 3D documentation of archaeological artifacts.

The practical classes will be based on authentic pottery finds from Nisyros shipwreck (GR). Finally, a first approach of physicochemical analyses will be presented. All teaching will be in English. In Greece, accomodation will be provided by the Netherlands Institute at Athens (NIA) and everything will be carried out with consideration of the acquired social distancing. Please note that the realization of the practical workshop will of course depend on the further development of the current COVID19-pandemic.

By the end of the workshop the participants will:

-learn about ports and maritime routes in the Mediterranean;

-get knowledge on the exchange of goods and the use of pottery;

-obtain knowledge about shipwrecks in the Aegean;

-learn about shapes, types and technology of Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery & improve their knowledge on Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval history and archaeology in Greece; • get acquainted with the basic methods of documentation for the conservation and restoration of Medieval and Post-Medieval underwater pottery;

-learn about the necessity of physicochemical analyses on underwater pottery;

-3D scanning techniques in Archaeology (laser scanning, structured-light scanning, photogrammetry).

-meet professionals who not only work in pottery conservation and in Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology in Greece, but who also work in physicochemical analyses of Byzantine, Medieval and Post-Medieval pottery

Application deadline: 24 March 2021.

The online courses are open to students who need to write and present a short thesis at the end. The 10 students who put in the best effort will participate in the practical workshop in Athens. For these last students it is obligatory to do the online classes in advance as preparation for the practical workshop. All teaching will be in English.

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