Christidis, A. Hermary, G. Koiner, A. Ulbrich (eds.), Classical Cyprus. Proceedings of the Conference, University of Graz, 21–23 September 2017 (Κυπριακά – Forschungen zum Antiken Zypern / Studies on Ancient Cyprus, 5), Verlag Holzhausen, Wien 2020. ISBN: 978-3-903207-46-2

The archaeology of Cyprus during the Classical period was in the focus of an international conference, which took place at the University of Graz on 21–23 September 2017. The volume presents twenty-five papers delivered at this conference plus one on the goddess Demeter in Cyprus. The contributions are about archaeological excavations at ancient Kition and at Kataliondas Kourvellos, the application of spectrometry with the Kourion coin hoard, the search for Idalion chamber tombs in archives and further archaeological objects of known and unknown provenances, their contexts and interpretation. Ample space has been dedicated to Attic pottery from Cypriot provenances such as Palaepaphos or Marion, but also to Cypriot stone and terracotta votives as well as to funerary sculptures and to the Egyptian, Persian and Greek influences as well as to the change of paradigm in Cypriot iconography. Epigraphic and historical contributions and the histories of collections offer insights into the many-faceted researches on Cyprus in the Classical period. A paper on alabastra from Asia Minor opens the view beyond Cyprus.