The Musée Rodin and the Musée national Picasso have teamed up to present the “Picasso – Rodin, une exposition, deux lieux”, an exhibition which will be held simultaneously in both institutions.

The “Picasso-Rodin” exhibition, which will be held until 2 January 2022, is organized jointly by the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the Musée Rodin. It offers a unique encounter between two geniuses whose formal inventions marked a decisive turning point in modern art. Held simultaneously in both institutions, the exhibition will highlight unexpected convergences in the creative processes that mark the work of the two artists.

In particular, it will illustrate their common practice of serial work and their shared taste for experimentation and ever-changing forms. It will also address the major role that these two extraordinary creators have been able to play in the construction of their public image.