ARENA is a research project implemented by ATHENA Research Center under the supervision of Dr. D. Tsiafaki (Research Director) aiming at the enhancement of Digital Archaeology in Greece. Goal of the project is the presentation of the published archaeological research conducted in the Northern Greece with focus on Aegean Thrace.

The principal product is an open access repository of published bibliography, as well as grey literature, regarding ancient sites of the studied region. The repository contains up to date more than 5500 multilingual publications (books, articles, conference proceedings, theses, etc.), presented on an online map and distributed in more than 500 sites of Northern Greece. The project covers a time span from the Greek Colonization to the end of the Hellenistic era (8th century-31 BC).

ARENA is a teamwork and archaeologists, philologists and computer scientists collaborated in order to deal with its main challenge: the interdisciplinary approach of the subject and the provision of online digital tools and information that meet the requirements for accurate information of researchers (e.g. archaeologists, philologists, historians, art historians) as well as other target groups such as museum educators, school teachers, tourist guides etc. regarding the archaeological sites of Aegean Thrace and Northern Greece.

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