To mark its 175th anniversary, the Smithsonian Institution is preparing a big celebration in the form of an extensive exhibition of works from the many museums operating under its umbrella. In addition it has ordered site-specific works from artists such as Beatriz Cortez, Nettrice Gaskins, Soo Sunny Park and others.

The exhibition, entitled “Futures”, will be housed in the recently renovated Arts and Industries Building — a building of 1881 and the first home to the U.S. National Museum — which has been closed to the public for two decades. The $ 55 million renovation works allows it to once again welcome visitors with an interdisciplinary exhibition that invites them to reflect on how art and technology continue to shape our world

“We have sought to secure a work of art from every Smithsonian museum to reflect this diversity of knowledge and to honour this heritage while building the future,” says Ashley Molese, curator of the Arts and Industries Building, to Artnet News. “The “Futures” exhibition is dedicated to an optimistic future that we choose to have, not one that we fear. We wanted to make it almost like a “choose your own adventure”, marking paths that lead to a fairer and more accessible future, in which everyone will be included. Not being too dystopian in our vision was a very conscious choice,” she explained.

The “Futures” exhibition will be housed at the Arts and Industries Building of the Smithsonian Institution from November 2021 to July 2022.