As part of its various initiatives for strengthening communication channels between its museums and the general public, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ioannina continues the digital exhibition “Details” with two posts on its Facebook page.

For November 2021, archaeologist Eleni Vassiliou has selected from the collections of the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina the lid of a late 4th century BC lead pyxis (perfume vase), mainly associated with the world of women, and gives various interpretations of a star or sun motif engraved on it . The find comes from an important ancient settlement in Vitsa, Zagori and is exhibited in the museum section for “Mountain Villages” in Room 4, where aspects of “Everyday Life of the Epirotes” in Antiquity can be seen.

Next comes another exhibit from the woman’s “universe” but this time from the Balkan region of the 19th century, selected by archaeologist Athena Zogaki who comments on the different meanings of one of its details. This is a silver belt (Donation – K. Ioannidis Collection)  with distinctive tiny heads with human features on the upper and lower ends of the central stem of the heavy and elaborate piece of jewelry. It is included in the Silverware Exhibition of the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina, in the “Treasury” building, in the inner Its Kale citadel of the Castle.

Visitors to the Ephorate’s Facebook page can “browse” the “Details” of October 2021 but also of the previous months that are in the relevant “Album” (Digital Exhibition-Event “Details”) and actively participate in the event “I have a question “, which is an integral part of it. Specifically, those interested can make inquiries at : [email protected] regarding the exhibits and a detail each time of their “history” and archaeologists will promptly respond with more information.

The digital exhibition and communication event is coordinated by archaeologist and Deputy Head Dr Barbara N. Papadopoulou and curated by archaeologists Eleni Kotzambopoulou and Dimitra Papaioannou and photographer Panagiotis Tsigoulis.