An open-air exhibition of murals “comes to life” in Athens. The Municipality of Athens aspires to give colour and “breath of fresh air” to the facades of the capital city’s buildings, by going ahead with a public murals project, ” to enhance contemporary art in the urban landscape”, as it announced in a press release.

Now, in addition to public murals in schools, the programme is expanding to private buildings located in the city center and its neighborhoods . “The goal is for the city to be filled with beautiful colours and to be an outdoor “exhibition”of murals, organized and with total respect for public space”, said the announcement.

So now residents of Athens, institutions, public and private bodies can propose to turn their own wall surfaces into murals.

“The goal is for the city to acquire more colour and with its buildings “as a canvas” to enhance contemporary art through the eyes of its practitioners; young and talented street artists. “The murals are being created to highlight different parts of the city, to send positive messages and to inspire”, said mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis.

Those interested should send the address of the property, a photo of the proposed wall  surface and their contact details to the email address: [email protected].