Wolfram Grajetzki, The Archaeology of Egyptian Non-Royal Burial Customs in New Kingdom Egypt and Its Empire (Elements in Ancient Egypt in Context). 2022. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 72 p., doi:10.1017/9781009064521

This Element provides a new evaluation of burial customs in New Kingdom Egypt, from about 1550 to 1077 BC, with an emphasis on burials of the wider population. It also covers the regions then under Egyptian control: the Southern Levant and the area of Nubia as far as the Fourth Cataract. The inclusion of foreign countries provides insights not only into the interaction between the centre of the empire and its conquered regions, but also concerning what is typically Egyptian and to what extent the conquered regions were culturally influenced. It can be shown that burials in Lower Nubia closely follow those in Egypt. In the southern Levant, by contrast, cemeteries of the period often yield numerous Egyptian objects, but burial customs in general do not follow those in Egypt.

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