Grigorios Tsokas, Nikolaos Lazaridis and Omar Abdel-Kareem (eds.), In Honor of Prof. Liritzis Ioannis: Essays in Archaeology & Archaeometry and the Hellenic Contribution to Egyptology, Heritage Special Issue, 2022.  ISBN 978-3-0365-3399-5 (Hbk) ISBN 978-3-0365-3400-8.

Essays in Archaeology & Archaeometry and the Hellenic Contribution to Egyptology honors Professor Ioannis Liritzis on the occasion of his retirement from the University of the Aegean and his major support of Egyptology in Greece and internationally. The interdisciplinary field of Archaeology and Art History coupled with Natural Sciences is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the advancement of Cultural Heritage studies. Regional development of Heritage Studies becomes of particular interest for the South Eastern Mediterranean – with a focus on Egypt – which is rich in novel results coming from these disciplines which converge to the higher level of knowledge from prehistory to historical times.

The volume’s eleven papers place the study of South-Eastern Mediterranean cultural heritage within an updated frame highlighting the current status in research on archaeological/historical heritage reflections, alone or coupled with archaeological sciences. The topics addressed touch on cultural astronomy, the ancient textiles and masonries, physicochemical and biological investigations, the socio-political issues of the Egyptian Ramesside era, revisiting the inscription of an Egyptian statuette, and the valuable information extracted from rock graffiti in north Kharga, Egypt.

About the Editors

Grigorios Tsokas, Professor of Applied Geophysics Research, Department of Geology, Laboratory of Exploration Geophysics, School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Research interests and current work include the development of archaeological prospection data acquisition; Mediterranean geoarchaeology; processing and interpretation techniques; potential fields theory and practice; and complex attributes analysis in archaeological exploration geophysics. Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts.

Nikolaos Lazaridis is Professor of Ancient Mediterranean History at California State University, Sacramento. He is an expert in comparative ancient literature, ancient epigraphy, and Egyptian culture. Member and chief epigrapher of the North Kharga Oasis Survey team. Current projects include “The monograph Storytellers at work: Crafting characters in ancient Egyptian stories”; “Epigraphy in North Kharga Oasis’s Darb Ain Amur”; and “Aegyptiaca in the Greek world”.

Omar Abdel Kareem is Professor of Conservation of (mainly) Egyptian Antiquities, Conservation Dept., Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. His research interests include the analysis and conservation of archaeological and culture heritage objects; conservation sciences; the restoration of material culture; textiles; organic; inorganic materials; and cultural management.