The Department of Classics and Ancient History of the University of Sydney cordially invites all to attend its research seminar series this semester. Here is the programme:

August 11th (4pm AEDT/UTC+10: on campus + Zoom)

David Rafferty (University of Adelaide)

‘Coercion, Capital, and Hellenistic States’

September 1st (4pm AEDT/UTC+10: Zoom only)

Leah O’Hearn (LaTrobe University)

‘Nocet esse feracem: An Ecofeminist Analysis of the Nux and Ovid’s Daphne (Met. 1.452–567)’.

September 15th (4pm AEDT/UTC+10: on campus + Zoom)

Kit Morrell (University of Queensland)

‘Judicial reform in the Roman Republic’

September 22nd (4pm AEDT/UTC+10: Zoom only)

Alina Kozlovski (University of New England)

‘Soil, sticks, and reeds: modern curations of early Rome’

October 13th (4PM AEDT/UTC+11)


Professor Emeritus Nathan Rosenstein (Ohio State University)

(Further details will be disseminated via the School of Humanities Events website)

November 10th (4pm AEDT/UTC+11: Zoom only)

Demetra Kasimis (University of Chicago)

‘The Intimacy of Conspiracy: Secret Plots, Democratic Breakdown, and the Reproductive Control of Women in Lysias 1.’

Papers this semester will be presented either on campus live streamed via Zoom or via Zoom only. Details of each Zoom session will be posted out approximately one week prior to the presentation date.

For further contact: [email protected]  or [email protected]