Pseira island is located a short distance from the north coast of Crete. Excavations took place on the island in the early 20th century and exposed the remains of a substantial Minoan settlement that thrived during the Neopalatial period. Excavations continued in the 1980s under P.P. Betancourt and C. Davaras when the so-called “House of the Rhyta” was unearthed in the southeastern end of the harbor settlement. Even though the building has been extensively studied and published, the archaeological site is difficult to access today. The easiest way to visit the site is by chartering a boat from the harbor of Tholos below Kavousi.

The virtual tour was created by K. Chalikias and P.P. Betancourt whose aim is to make parts of the archaeological site accessible to the public through an immersive virtual experience. The tour was recorded in August 2022 using a 360° camera (INSTA 360 ONE X2). The footage was then processed using Matterport software in order to produce the virtual tour. Finally, “points of interest” were added to the 3D model of the house that included excavation photos and small finds drawings in order to provide the user with information regarding the history of the building.

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