The Acropolis Museum announced new social and educational actions. Strengthening its social and educational role, it extends its activities to special groups of the public; to begin with, to groups of refugees and immigrants and to second chance schools in prisons. At the same time it has created proper conditions in school classrooms for students to get acquainted with the Museum.

The Acropolis Museum designed a special programme for refugees and immigrants with which people from different cultures and experiences become familiar with the history and culture of the country that hosts them. Through a series of selected exhibits, the participants get to know the Acropolis and the great moments of its history, its art and the people who created it and to exchange their views with the archaeologists who accompany them.

In the second-chance schools of the country’s Detention Facilities, the Museum offers online tours of the halls and its most important exhibits, enabling participants to gain new experiences, cultivate their aesthetics and exchange knowledge, views and concerns.

At the same time, it has created the “Museum at School” section on its website, with online programmes offered to schools in remote areas of Greece and to schools abroad. The section has also been enriched with digital applications that can be used in the classroom, making the course more engaging and experiential. In the same site, teachers can find information about the museum kits that continue to be made available to schools and a repository of educational materials from which they can draw information on the Acropolis and the Museum’s exhibits.

All the above programmes are offered free of charge.

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