The next annual conference of Egyptology in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany (SÄK) will be held at the University of Cologne from 30 June to 2 July 2023.

This year’s conference is entitled “Archaeology and Society” and explores the way to reconstruct the societies of ancient north-eastern Africa through material culture and other types of sources, as well as how archaeology is perceived by today’s societies.

How do we reconstruct societies of the past, particularly but not exclusively with the help of material culture? What role do archeology and heritage play in contemporary societies?

The lectures can be theoretical and address methodological issues, socio-historical and socio-archaeological case studies, or topics about museums and cultural heritage.

Keynote Speakers

Manfred Bietak, former Director, ÖAI Cairo, “The Hyksos Enigma” project leader.

Monica Hanna, Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Aswan.

Stephan Seidlmayer, former. Director of DAI Cairo and project leader “Felsinschriften und Felsbilder der Region von Aswan“.

Alice Stevenson, Associate Professor, University College London, author of “Egyptian Archaeology and the Twenty-First Century Museum“.

Further Info

The conference language is predominantly German. The deadline for registration is 15 March 2023. For further details and the program, visit