This year’s 23rd Current Research in Egyptology, taking place in Basel, Switzerland, is about to start this weekend. 

Current Research in Egyptology is a conference series intended to provide early career researchers with a platform to present their research to an audience of peers. To this end, presentations may cover themes of Egyptian and Sudanese history, archaeology, art history, and language with topics such as administration and daily life, cultural contact and diversity in antiquity, archaeological theory, museums, cultural heritage management, and the history of Egyptology.

This year’s event takes place in Basel, Switzerland, from the 10th to the 14th of September 2023 with proceedings taking place at Basel University’s Department of Egyptology. Presentations will be available in three formats: 

  1. Standard presentation (20 mins. plus discussion)
  2. Short presentation (10 mins. plus discussion)
  3. Poster presentation

Keynote speakers include Prof. Dr Susanne Bickel (University of Basel, director of the University of Basel Kings’ Valley Project), Dr Giuseppina Lenzo (University of Lausanne, Institut d’Archéologie et des Sciences de l’Antiquité) and Prof. Dr Sandrine Vuilleumier (University of Basel, “Beyond the Text” and “Grecoroman Deir el Medina” projects). 

For the full program see here.

For the Universty of Basel’s work on KV 40 see here