The International Spartan Studies Forum “Ancient Sparta in the 21st Century: Recent Trends and New Developments” is an international academic, networking, policymaking and public engagement event (hybrid) which celebrates the one-of-a-kind collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the Dimos (Municipality) of Sparti – the modern location of ancient Sparta – in Greece established since 2006 and as described in the strategic Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties in November 2020.

Conference Aims

The aim of this event is two-fold:

  1. To bring academics and professionals from the fields of archaeology, ancient history, reception studies, constitutional studies and public law, and marketing and tourism in a meaningful and impactful conversation with local policy-makers and stakeholders in the city of Sparti and in southern Greece, not least the City Council of Sparti, politicians, heritage and tourism governmental bodies and specialists, local associations and the broader community, in order to inform and support the City of Sparti’s place-based policy and strategy in securing long-term cultural and touristic benefits for the city.
  2. To bring scholars, ECRs and professionals from the aforementioned fields in a global and interdisciplinary dialogue on the current state of research on ancient Sparta and its territory Laconia, and on ways to move the field forward, with sessions focusing primarily on:

(a) Spartan tradition in the 21st century

(b) The Ancient Spartan Constitution II: Lessons for Modern Politics and International Relations

(c) Sparta and Laconia, Cultural Heritage and Green Tourism

In order to achieve the aims and objectives of this international event we have assembled a combination of leading scholars and outstanding early career researchers from the fields of history, archaeology, reception studies, politics and constitutional law, marketing and tourism, politicians and professionals from the UK, Greece, Austria, Italy, France, the USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Pakistan.

The official languages of the event are English and Greek.

For any questions, please contact the lead organiser Dr Chrysanthi Gallou

If you wish to become a member of the UoN Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies, please email; [email protected]


8 June – 11 June 2023


8 June – Building of the Sainopouleion Foundation, Sparti
(16 Kleomvrotou Street)

9 – 11 June – University of the Peloponnese Building, Sparti
(20 Plateon Strret)


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