The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for three online workshops scheduled for autumn 2023:

Introduction to Heritage Interpretation for Site Managers | 6-8 Oct 2023

Heritage Interpretation offers a well-structured framework for non-formal learning, with the goal of creating meaningful and unforgettable experiences for visitors. This immersive 3-day course provides participants with the opportunity to explore the principles of high-quality heritage interpretation and gain practical experience in its implementation at their own sites.

Engaging Communities in Cultural Heritage | 27-29 Oct 2023

Community engagement has become an essential aspect of the public programs of heritage institutions worldwide. In this 3-day workshop, we aim to foster a fresh approach to community engagement through social and art research, emphasizing community-led initiatives.

Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage | 10-12 Nov 2023

The key to effective word-based Heritage Interpretation lies in written text that captivates and sustains the reader’s attention. In our 3-day online workshop, participants will explore a wide range of techniques to engage visitors and master the art of interpretive writing.

Our Executive Leadership Education program consists of intensive workshops lasting 3 to 6 days, designed for practitioners seeking to advance the preservation and management of heritage sites. Recognizing the busy schedules of these individuals, we have partnered with experts in various fields to provide focused workshops on key aspects of heritage management.

HERITΛGE offers scholarships to most participants in our training programs, covering up to 90% of the attendance costs, depending on individual circumstances and funding availability. On average, participants in these three workshops contribute approximately 300 euros.

More workshops for autumn 2023 -winter 2024 will be announced in the coming weeks.