This is to remind you that you can submit your paper proposal for the RAC/TRAC 2024 Session “Challenges in the Archaeology of Roman Thessaly” by the 15 September deadline.

Please send your proposals to Gino Canlas ([email protected]) and Adam Wiznura ([email protected]) by 15 September. Please include your name, affiliation, paper title, and a 200 word abstract. For further information about the RAC/TRAC please see their website:

Session Abstract

The Romans had a presence in Thessaly since before the incorporation of mainland Greece into the senatorial provinces of Macedonia and Achaea. Thessaly would identify either as politically or culturally Roman until after the Fall of Constantinople. Despite this longstanding presence, the combined marginalisation of the region in both Greek and Roman archaeology has led to a lack of systematic studies of Thessaly’s periods of Roman rule, in comparison to other regions of Greece, although scholarly interest has been increasing in recent years.

This session considers the unique challenges in archaeological approaches to the study of Roman Thessaly from the Mid-Republic to Late Antiquity, and invites contributors to address topics including but not restricted to:

-Challenges in the archaeology of Roman phases in Thessalian sites

-Digital/technological approaches

-Studies on settlement patterns, occupation, and land use

-Power dynamics, identity formation processes, cultural exchange

We intend for this session to be a call for more systematic archaeological approaches to Roman Thessaly, to establish a discourse on directions for future research, and to contribute to the decentering of Roman archaeology.