New findings have come to light in Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe, two sights deemed as “zero point of history”. In the framework of the Taş Tepeler project, which sheds light on prehistory, human and animal sculptures have been revealed, during excavation works carried out in nine archaeological sites in 2023.

The excavations carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism brought to light a life-size statue of a wild boar made of limestone in the D structure of Göbeklitepe. The artifact, which has red, white and black pigment residues on its surface, is the first painted sculpture from the period to the present day. The wild boar statue discovered in Göbeklitepe was found on a bench with decorations estimated to be an H-shaped symbol, a crescent moon, two snakes and three human faces or masks.

The Sculpture of Karahantepe: Impressive Examples of Prehistoric Art During the excavations in Karahantepe, one of the most realistic statues of the period was brought to
light. The 2.3-meter-high statue, which might identify with one of the most impressive examples of prehistoric art with a realistic facial expression, was found fixed to the ground in a bench. A vulture sculpture placed on the wall and stone plates left on the ground were found in the area of a seated statue with protruding ribs, spine and shoulder bones, in a