Online Course: Intermediate Ancient

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Tuesday evenings, 6-7:30pm (UK Time), 7th November-5th December 2023 plus recordings.

We will concentrate on the hieroglyphs of the Middle Kingdom (c. 2000-1600 BCE), but you’ll be able to apply a lot of what you have learnt to monuments from all periods of pharaonic history. In this course, we’ll continue to look at how the Egyptians expressed themselves on their funerary monuments, this time including autobiography. We will also look at some simple passages from Middle Egyptian literature and finish by reading an excerpt, in hieroglyphs, from the Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor, an Ancient Egyptian tale of adventure, magic snakes, and strange vegetables.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a grasp of almost all the basic grammar needed to read the Middle Egyptian stage of the Ancient Egyptian language.

This course continues where the EES Beyond Beginners’ class left off and assumes that you are fairly confident with the hieroglyphic writing system and know some elements of basic Middle Egyptian grammar; you might have done a beginners’ class before or read a teach-yourself book. The first lesson will be a recap of what we did in the last course, but please get in touch with [email protected] if you want to discuss your level.

Please note: If you are not confident with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, then our next Beginners Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs is planned for April/May 2024.

Tutor: Joseph Clayton is a specialist in the Ancient Egyptian Language. He has a PhD in Egyptian Philology/Linguistics from the University of Liverpool and taught Ancient Egyptian language at Birkbeck College, University of London for nearly twenty years. He is the author of Mental Illnesses in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Heart: a reassessment of §§854a–855z of the Ebers Medical Papyrus (2021).

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Course Dates

Online lessons will be held live at the following times (UK):

Tuesday 7th November, 18:00-19:30:
Week One – Recap of how to read hieroglyphs and the grammar covered last term
Tuesday 14th November, 18:00-19:30:
Week Two – Expressing one’s excellent character and serving the king
Tuesday 21st November, 18:00-19:30:
Week Three – Verbs, the past tense
Tuesday 28th November, 18:00-19:30:
Week Four – More autobiography
Tuesday 5th December, 18:00-19:30:
Week Five – The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor

Find out more about each class on our website. Recordings of the live sessions will be made available to attendees following the weekly session for those unable to attend in person or wanting to rewatch them.


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