After the end of the pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Association for Research on Ancient Greek and Byzantine Technology (EDAByT, formerly EMAET) announces the organization of the 3rd International Conference on Ancient Greek Technology in Athens, November 2024, in collaboration with NOESIS Science Center and Museum of Technology of Thessaloniki. The scope of the Conference is the presentation of scientific studies and recent findings related to Ancient Greek Technology, from the earliest periods to the Byzantine times. The Conference aspires to attract the participation of Archaeologists, Historians, Engineers, Chemists, and other scientists and educators from Greek and foreign Universities and Research Centers, engaged in the research and study of Ancient Greek and Byzantine Technology.


-Association for Research on Ancient Greek and Byzantine Technology (EDAByT)

-NOESIS Science Center and Museum of Technology, Thessaloniki

Organizational committee

Palyvou (Chair), K. Giannakos, E. Chiotis, A. Michailidou, T. Vasiliadou, M. Belogianni, P. Athanasopoulos, P. Touliatos and members from “noesis”.

Scientific Committee

Tassios T.P. (Chair )

Athanasopoulos P. (Harbour Engineering)

Aristodemou G. (Nymphaea)

Belogianni M. (Rural Technology, Environment)

Chiotis E. (Quarrying, Mining)

Damianidis K. (Shipbuilding)

Giannakos K. (Military technology)

Ignatiadou D (Glass working)

Kountouri E. (Hydraulic works)

Michailidou A. (Metrology)

Papademetriou G. (Metallurgy)

Papageorgiadou Ch. (Numismatics)

Petrakis V. (Writing)

Tanoulas T. (Building Technology)

Terzis Ch. (Music)

Touliatos P. (Building Technology)

Tzachili I. (Textiles)

Vasileiadou T. (Automation)

Honorary Committee

Barber R. (Great Britain)

Brysbaert A. (Netherlands)

Maran J. (Germany)

Nosch Μ. (Denmark)

Oleson J.P. (Canada)

Peyronel L. (Italy)

Wright M.T. (Great Britain)


Zerefos Ch. (Sec. Gen. of the Academy of Athens)

Korres M. (of the Academy of Athens)

Tiverios M. (of the Academy of Athens)


Aravantinos V.

Chaniotis A.

Doumas Ch.

Karasmanis V.

Kritzas Ch.

Labrinoudakis V.

Themelis P.

Valavanis P.

Conference Languages

Greek and English; the possibility of simultaneous translation will depend on the finances of the Conference.

Online broadcast of the Conference will take place at the headquarters of NOESIS.

Duration of Conference

2.5-3 days (6-7 Sessions)

Possible side events

Projection of films related to the topic of the Conference produced by EDAByT and NOESIS.


Applications for participation are sent to the Conference Secretariat by filling in the Participation Form attached to this announcement. Please send your applications by 20 January 2024, together with the receipt of payment of the subscription to the Conference. The participation fee is set at 50 Euros.

Payments to be made to the Bank Account, IBAN: GR62 0160 0660 0000 0008 5153 846 Attica Bank. Name of Beneficiary: Civil Law Partnership EDAByT. The depositors bear the costs of their bank. The scope of payment is necessary and must include in capital letters the name of the depositor and the indication CONFERENCE AGBT. The cost of registration covers attending the Conference, as well as the right to present a paper that has been submitted and approved as provided below. It also includes coffee offered during the breaks, as well as receiving the abstracts of the papers before the opening and the Proceedings of the full papers after the Conference, both in digital format.

Important dates

– Applications for participation by 20 January, 2024

– Submission of abstract (approximately one page) by 29 February, 2024

– Approval of abstracts: 30 March, 2024

– Submission of full text and final abstract 20 June, 2024

– Final approval of papers 20 July, 2024

Proceedings of the Conference

Proceedings of the papers presented at the Conference will be available in digital format. Specifications and examples will be given in subsequent announcements, before 30 March 2024.


SESSIONS 1-3: Technologies


Wood working


Mining, Metallurgy, Metalwork

Building technology, Geotechnics, Bridge Construction

Plumbing, Harbor Works, Canals

Mechanical engineering (cranes, pumps, presses, carriages)



Agricultural technology, winemaking, furniture, etc.


Technology and Sports

Technology and Art (music, theater, etc.)

Military Technology

Measuring Instruments, Metrology

Medical technology

Chemistry and Glassmaking


Energy sources

Standardization, quality control

SESSION 4: Technology and society

Technology and Economics (Currency, Writing, Slavery)

Environmental concerns in Ancient Greece

Technology in mythology and religion

Biographies of ancient Greek Engineers

Mobility and cultural interactions

Byzantium and the Arab world

Secretariat of the Conference

Applications for participation, summaries and texts, as well as any other material will be sent to the Conference Secretariat, at the address: [email protected] και [email protected]

Website EDAByT: