Council of University Classical Departments: Education Committee Small Grants Scheme 2023-24 

Application date for Winter/Spring round: Thursday 28th December 2023

Grants for up to £500.00 are available to:

-support research, projects, events, and conference panels, that have a clear focus on pedagogy and advancing educational issues in Classics HE in the UK;

-fund student assistants and development of materials for projects;

-provide financial support (in the form of an honorarium) to speakers at conferences or seminar series, particularly from under-represented groups in Classics, either at graduate level or on precarious job contracts;

-support accessibility to educational events or conferences (e.g. technological support, bursaries to cover the costs of caring responsibilities, accessible room hire).

All applications must:

1. include a lead applicant — an academic or postgraduate — based at a UK HE institution;

2. develop teaching and learning in Classics and/or closely related disciplines, including e.g. the literature, history, archaeology, philosophy, linguistics, visual culture, and reception of ancient Greece and Rome;

3. relate to teaching in higher education in the UK; crossover projects with school teaching are welcomed;

4. clearly explain how the funding will be used to advance pedagogy, curriculum discussion and awareness of the changing nature of Classics higher education provision in the UK, particularly in light of regional differences, evolving student needs and issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

5. confirm that the lead applicant will provide a report on the project or event, either for the CUCD Bulletin or by a shorter post on the Education Committee’s wordpress blog.

Costs for events can include speakers’ travel expenses, catering, room hire, travel bursaries for postgraduate and early career academics who are unsalaried or under-employed, or other similar expenditures. The £500 limit will mean that events and projects will tend to be small. Where possible, it is hoped that the organising institution will also provide some funding, e.g. a matching grant, free rooms, and/or administrative support.

We are happy to receive applications for less than £500. The event or start of the funded project should usually be at least two months after the Grant application date, to allow the provision of funds in good time. But if you are planning a project or event that will take place sooner, please discuss with the Chair of the Education Committee before submitting your application. The completion of the project and/or event should in all cases take place within one year of the grant award date.

Through these pedagogical grants, CUCD is particularly keen to support:

-equality and diversity, to promote inclusion in the subject community

-a geographical spread of discussions and events across all areas of the UK, including those with a specific regional focus

-the establishment or expansion of the subject in new institutions

-hybrid events – allowing participation in person and online.

Priority will be given to applications demonstrating: a clear and convincing explanation of their pedagogical rationale and objectives; a viable plan and timeline; efforts to work efficiently with resources. We are happy to publicise pedagogical events and research projects via the CUCD website and Blog.

Applications will be considered by CUCD Education Committee. Round 1 (Winter/Spring) awards will be confirmed by the end of January 2024.

The short Application Form, with further details, is available on the Education Committee page of the CUCD website: here.

Applications forms and queries should be sent to the Chair of CUCD Education Committee: Dr Elizabeth Pender ([email protected])

Brief expressions of interest are most welcome.