Deborah Freeman FahidΤο σκάκι στον Ισλαμικό κόσμο. Η συλλογή του Μουσείου Μπενάκη / Chess from the Islamic world. The Benaki Museum Collection; 40 color pictures and designs; Language: Greek / English. ISBN 978-960-476-323-8

A richly illustrated volume of a small but significant collection of chessmen, other games pieces and games boards held at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art. The game of chess, which had originated in India in around the 4th century, was developed under the Sasanian Persians in Iran and Central Asia, and quick­ly spread through Arab lands after the Muslim Conquest of Iran during the 7th century. The objects were gathered by Antonis Benakis in the early 20th century and are of particular interest because they were mostly acquired in Egypt and feature some considerable rarities. The collection is published in its entirety for the first time with texts by Deborah Freeman Fahid, an expert on the subject.