The TRAC Standing Committee prides itself on widening participation and promoting inclusivity in Roman Archaeology and traditionally offers bursaries for delegates to attend the annual conference. For delegates attending RAC/TRAC 2024 bursaries are kindly provided by The Roman Society.

Applications for bursaries of up to £100 each will be considered. Please be aware that in order to help as many participants as possible, we might be offering slightly smaller awards than what you request.

TRAC bursaries are open to anyone attending the conference regardless of employment sector/educational status; however, preference will be given to those not currently in academic employment or without PhD funding. We would also recommend that delegates apply to additional sources of funding for the event.

The bursaries awarded can be used towards any of the following costs:

-Delegate registration fees (including conference events/dinners).
-Travel to/from the conference.
-Childcare or accommodation/travel of care giver.
-Any other costs which might otherwise prohibit your attendance.

If you wish to apply for a TRAC bursary, please include the following information:

-If you are presenting, please include the Session number and paper/poster title
-Please describe in what way your paper(s) (if presenting) contributes to broader themes and topics of theoretical Roman archaeology, and what
are the potential future applications (max. 250 words)
-Please indicate the academic and professional development you expect to obtain at RAC/TRAC 2024 (max. 150 words)
-If you have previously participated at TRAC or other conferences and events, please indicate this, along with any other papers presented/published
-Please provide a brief budget of expected costs, and in what way the TRAC travel grant would help you attend the conference.

Please send the above information in a Word/PDF document to the TRAC SC, at [email protected].

After the event each recipient will be required to write a paragraph detailing the usefulness of the conference and bursary, and an outline of how the funds were spent. Please also indicate if you agree for your testimonial to be published on our webpage. Delegates must also write to thank the Roman Society which funded your award, as without them these bursaries would not be possible.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 31st January 2024. Applicants will be notified by 14th February 2024.

Bursaries will be paid to successful applicants by bank transfer. This is usually processed following the conference, once receipts for relevant expenses have been provided, but we can also process this before the conference if all expenses claimed for have been paid out and receipts retained.

Please be aware that we will only be able to reimburse expenses based on receipts!

Other sources of funding include the travel bursaries made available by The Society for Roman Studies and the Roman Research Trust, and open to all delegates.

Delegates based at an institution in Romania or of Romanian nationality please consider applying for a travel grant from the Ion Rațiu Foundation.

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