The BORDERSCAPE Project Seminars are now online on the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences YouTube channel at the following link:

1. Chiara Brambilla (University of Bergamo) – Rethinking Borders through the Borderscaping Looking Glass: A Collaborative Ethnographic Research in the Italian/
Tunisian Borderscape
2. Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (CNRS) – The Egyptian State and its Administration in a Border Area: Elephantine During the Old Kingdom
3. Oren Siegel (IKSIO PAN) – Re-evaluating Aspects of Inter-Polity Boundaries (tASw) in Middle and New Kingdom Egypt
4. Kate Lizska (California State University San Bernardino) – Communities of the Desert, Communities of the Nile: Pastoral Nomads and Travelers at Wadi el-Hudi
5. Marie-Kristin Schröder (German Archaeological Institute, Cairo) – The emergence of the C-Group in the area of the First Cataract: Searching for a link between the Early and Middle Nubian ceramic traditions

The BORDERSCAPE Project has received funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (NCN/Norway Grants POLS 2020/37/K/HS3/04097)