The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities issued a decree to form a scientific committee to review the proposed joint project, submitted to conduct architectural restoration work of the Pyramid of Menkaure at the Giza Plateau. In detail, the proposal is a joint project between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Japanese Waseda University mission.

The review committee consists of senior experts in Egyptian archeology and engineering. Headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the team includes experts from Egypt, the USA, the Czech Republic, and Germany. This committee will submit a scientific report on the results of its work, and take a decision on whether to move forward with the project or not, in addition to taking all procedures and steps that must be followed for the required coordination with UNESCO.

The committee will also submit this report to be presented to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for approval before starting any work related to the project on the Pyramid of Menkaure and the surrounding area at the site.

The pyramid of Menkaure, built around 2504 BC to serve as the tomb of Pharaoh Menkaure of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt, is the smallest of the three main pyramids of located on the Giza Plateau.

In January 2024 a project was about to commence which aimed to move the fallen granite blocks of the facade back to their original location on the pyramid of Menkaure. This initial project was planned to take three years to complete.